10 Feb

Samsung Evolution Kit 2015 Absent from CES

Samsung Evolution Kit 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show for 2015 has come and gone, and something noticeably absent in both the show and from the lips of Samsung reps was the 2015 version of the Samsung Evolution Kit.  There are still a few rumors circulating though, and now with the new press coverage of over-zealous legal print, there may be an increased emphasis on ensuring that consumer data is secure if it is sent to third parties.

What we do know is that Samsung is now placing their in-house operating system, Tizen, onto their next generation of Smart TVs.  We also know that the Evolution Kit is essentially a computer in itself, with RAM, a processor, and GPU capabilities.  It is not too far outside the realm of possibility to think that Tizen could come in the next iteration of the Evolution Kit but its compatibility with the oldest Evolution Kit-ready Smart TVs may be in limbo.

Samsung has stated that older Smart TVs can’t receive a Tizen software update, but left open the idea of a hardware update which would be in the form of a 2015 Evolution Kit of some sort.  With larger consumer electronics and even automobiles, complete system overhauls of older devices via software is not nearly as common as the hyper competitive smartphone market, especially for free like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system updates, which sometimes significantly overhauls the user experience via software, has conditioned us for.

We may get word of new Evolution Kits within the next few weeks or even months, and they typically release towards the end of Spring if the last two years are any indication.  We’ll have more information as we can confirm or receive it.


16 Jul

Samsung Evolution Kit (SEK-2500U) Released for UHD Models

Samsung Evolution Kit SEK2500U for UHDTVs

Following up the release of the first 2014 Samsung Evolution Kit with SKU SEK-2000 for HDTVs, Samsung has just released the other Evolution Kit designed for its line of UHDTVs.  The features are the same, and this kit is designed to upgrade the One Connect Box.  This kit is also designed to maintain the 4K resolution while adding a faster processor clocked at 1.76gHz.  It also supports UHD Dimming technology and meets HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and the HEVC specs.

This particular kit is designed to upgrade the 2013 models of the S9 and F9000 Series.

You can currently order these now!

24 Jun

Samsung Evolution Kit 2014 SEK2000/XC Now Available

Samsung Evolution Kit 2014 (SEK2000)

The brand new Samsung Evolution Kit for 2014, with SKU SEK2000 and SEK2000/XC is now available for purchase from various sites.

The new Evolution Kit brings many new features to Samsung’s top-of-the-line televisions, and will work with the best E/ES and F-series HDTV sets, adding the 2014 version of SmartHub, a faster processor, Finger SI, micro-dimming, and multiscreen capabilities.

The SEK2000 Evolution Kit is compatible with the following HDTV models from Samsung:

  • LED F8000
  • F7500
  • Plasma F8500
  • ES8000
  • ES7500
  • E8000

The powerful upgrade kit now houses a Quad-core processor, 1.5GB of DDR3 memory with 4GB flash storage memory, and LAN support.  Like its predecessor, the kit won’t necessarily upgrade screen quality, but focuses more on additional features and usability options not possible without the extra horsepower contained within the unit.  You can expect a smoother Smart Hub UI experience and faster load times when using apps and social media functionality.


11 Feb

Samsung to Introduce OneConnect UHD Evolution Kit

UHD Evolution Kit

Samsung has recently announced its plans for two new Evolution Kits for 2014, and one of them includes a kit for their line of Ultra HD 4K HD TV sets.  The new 2014 Evolution Kit is called the OneConnect and adds a few new features to Samsung’s UHD lineup including:

  • HDMI 2.0 – This will allow more bandwidth for 60FPS 4K output and multi-screen output.
  • Faster Quad-core Processor
  • USB 3.0
  • MHL 4.0

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6 Sep

What Will the 2014 Samsung Evolution Kit Do?

2014 Samsung Evolution Kit

This year, Samsung released the Evolution Kit which was compatible with a lot of their flagship televisions.  It added tons of new functionality, and from the start they said that TVs which supported the upgrade module would be able to utilize different Evolution Kits over the years.  To this day, they are also still releasing televisions that support the module.  So what does the 2014 Samsung Evolution Kit do?  We don’t know yet, but we have some guesses.

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28 Aug

Samsung KN55S9C Compatible with Evolution Kit

Samsung KN55S9C Curved OLED TV

Samsung has announced its first curved OLED Screen TV for the United States, the KN55S9C, and it will include compatibility with the Samsung Evolution Kit.  It will initially care a $9,000 price tag and is currently available in a few locations across the country.

OLED is a luxurious screen technology that allows for absolute black colors, something that other sets emulate to different degrees of success across the multiple brands and models of big-screen televisions.  Curved screens, allowing users to view beautiful content in a concave set-up allows for a slightly smaller width footprint and the S9C includes a new feature called MultiView, which allows two viewers to indulge FullHD content on each side of the screen simultaneously.  Features such as 3D and stereo sound are also given to each viewer.

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20 Jun

Samsung Smart Evolution Kit Unboxing

Samsung’s Smart Evolution Kits are making their way into the hands of consumers worldwide, and we’ve tracked down an unboxing video of the upgrade kit that will give you an idea of what to expect when you first receive your device.

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25 May

Samsung Evolution Kit Price Lower Than Expected

Samsung Evolution Kit Connector

Samsung has finally released their Evolution Kit for the US market, and judging by online stores across the web, the price is sometimes much lower than the price that Samsung officially announced a few months back.

The Evolution Kit has been a long time coming for several 2012 model Samsung Smart TV owners, and the features of the kit have been speculated upon and discussed for over a year now since they were first teased.  The Evolution Kit will provide owners of compatible TV’s with software features comparable to 2013 models, but offers no improvements to picture quality since the panel used is responsible for most of those duties.

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19 Apr

Samsung Evolution Kit Debuts in Korea

Official Samsung Evolution Kit Picture

Over on tech site UberGizmo, they are reporting that Korea will be the first to carry the Samsung Evolution Kit, for a limited-time introductory price of 300,000 won.  This isn’t unheard of, especially considering that South Korea is the native country of the large electronics manufacturing company.  Coupons will be made available to Korean residents to redeem the promotional pricing.

No other new details were made immediately available regarding the functionality outside of what we already know regarding the upgrade kit.  What we do have is a much better quality promotional image of the Evolution Kit, but not much new information is available.  The US release of the Evolution Kit is still on track for May at a $299 MSRP.

May is shaping up to be a popular month for the colossal South Korean manufacturer which just posted net profits of $7.7bn dollars in the first quarter of 2013 on over $45bn in revenue.  Samsung is currently on track to release their new flagship Android-powered Galaxy S4 smartphone beginning in just a few weeks.  Galaxy S4 cases are already available for purchase from several vendors in anticipation of the international roll-out of the device, which will begin on April 26th, 2013.

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28 Mar

UN55ES8000 (with Evo Kit) vs. UN55F8000

UN55F8000 Promotional Picture

Samsung this month released most of their 2013 lineup of Smart TVs: the Series 8000 sets, as was widely expected.  While they still haven’t released their massive S9 Smart TV, the F8000 sets give us an idea of what to expect from the Evolution Kit coming in May for $299 in the US, April for €299 in the EU.  Based on information found in this UN55F8000 review, we have a much more solid idea about what the Evolution Kit will bring to owners and what it won’t bring.

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