What Will the 2014 Samsung Evolution Kit Do?

6 Sep 2013 by Kim, 22 Comments »

2014 Samsung Evolution Kit

This year, Samsung released the Evolution Kit which was compatible with a lot of their flagship televisions.  It added tons of new functionality, and from the start they said that TVs which supported the upgrade module would be able to utilize different Evolution Kits over the years.  To this day, they are also still releasing televisions that support the module.  So what does the 2014 Samsung Evolution Kit do?  We don’t know yet, but we have some guesses.

Faster Processor

The 2013 Samsung Evolution Kit included a quad-core processor upgrade, and we don’t necessarily expect them to move to six or eight cores, but rather elect to use a faster quad-core chip.  This will be able to support their new software and Smart Hub features and perhaps add the capability for different kinds of apps or even more advanced gaming technology.  This will also make the user interface even smoother than before.

Upgraded Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, and More

We also expect an upgrade to the existing suite of applications found in the 2013 Smart Evolution Kit which will most assuredly add more capabilities and perhaps speed up performance.

New Apps

You’re also almost sure to see some new apps up Samsung’s sleeve, but they’re keeping that information close to the vest as the competition grows fierce in the Smart TV segment in consumer electronics.


Some of Samsung’s new TVs are opting for a single connection to access all of the components, so it’s also possible the Kit gets a completely new look or even a different connecting mechanism.  The latest TVs require a cable to attach the Evolution Kit as opposed to mounting directly on the back of the panel, so a change may be imminent to accommodate the new design philosophy of the latest sets.

While this is all speculation, we hope to see a lot of surprises from the new Evolution Kit, but we won’t know for sure until later this year or very early next year, so stay tuned for the latest!

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  1. steve turner says:

    will this kit fit any Samsung flat 60″ tv

  2. Samsung LED TV UN 40 F5500AFXZA … it this something I should do and how much will it cost me to make it so much better …

  3. Ron says:

    Just installed the evo kit on my 8 series 55 inch. Fairly straight forward to snap into the back, hardest part was getting the TV off the wall mount and putting it back on! Wireless working, all updates installed (although it did take a while), new remote much better than any of the previous, interface is smooth and easy to navigate. It really is a genuine refresh to your 2012 model.

    I do have a couple of gripes though. The TV now restarts itself randomly, up to once or twice an hour. Additionally, I get random freezes (less frequent) when operating smart hub or accessing content on USB storage. Sometimes it stops accepting commands from any of the remotes and I have no choice but to power the set down and restart.

    Not sure if anyone else has had similar experiences? As with any early adopter, I’m learning to live with these short comings…

    • Jim says:

      Have you tried reseating the Kit? There is something clearly wrong if it is restarting. My power supply board went recently and had to be replaced (on an ES8000). Makes me wonder if the original power supply is built with sufficient specs for future processor upgrades.

      • Ken DeVries says:

        I have a Samsung model UN55ES7500FXZA. I received the kit 5/30/13. Installed it and it lasted to 1/2014 fortunately I purchased the extended warranty. Samsung was not going to cover it, because it was a plug in not part of the original purchase. Argued and mooned and received the new power supply cost nada. Now the interesting part the tech was here replaced the PS but he refused to put the evolution kit back in, what does that tell you. More arguing. Dealt with the reseller he was reluctant to take it back, even know the bd. it self was under a one year warranty. Samsung stepped in and made the transaction happen. Now that leaves me back to the square one “nowhere”. here’s the problem “1” the problem is not resolved, “2” the power supply doesn’t have the amps to accommodate the kit, 3 there should have been a diode in there protecting the TV from the evolution kit 4, unless they swap out all the P.S. on every sold TV, you can’t put the kit in cause guess what it will come out of your pocket, due to an engineering flaw. Bottom line in the manual that came with TV it stated “the evolution kit would be released in March or May 2013” they mentioned nothing regarding any risk installing the kit. Therefore it should be their head ach, put apparently it isn’t thus far. It should have been a simple plug and play “it was for a short period”. I saw somebody’s posting on a capacitor; it’s not that, Capacitors are passive electrical component which is used to “store” electrical energy. Bottom line a diode “one way street” the current can’t come back to its source. Or a simple in-line fuse. This is solely my opinion, you buy into or not. No pissing contest, facts are facts and I do not want to argue. Hope my investment becomes wise.

  4. Brad Herman says:

    When will the 14 model be released?

  5. Michele says:

    Is this kit compatible with Samsung Smart UN40ES6100FXZA?

  6. James says:

    What does this kit cost

  7. Diego says:

    does the evolution kit 2014 support HDMI 2.0 ? I have an LED 3D smart Tv ES7000

  8. Rados says:

    I own es8005 55
    Does evolution kit make camera video/picture quality better?


  9. John Simpson says:

    I Fitted three 2013 Smart Evolution Kits to 2x UK & 1x Euro (Spain) to ES 7000 & 8000 TV’s and the improvement was super, have to be fitted perfectly otherwise all sorts of problems.. Have 1x ES55F8000 on order (unless i’ve been scammed again – internet) and will definitely buy the 2014 kit when it arrives. Whether I upgrade the others depends on whether it is worthwhile or not.

  10. James says:

    I had the 2012 3D TV UA60ES8000M with the 2013 Evolution Kit SEK-1000 attached, but then my TV died. Samsung are replacing it with a newer 2014 TV UA60F8000AM. Can anyone tell me if the Evolution Kit SEK-1000 will be compatible UA60F8000AM, or do I have to purchase another Evolution Kit?

    • John Simpson says:

      The F series contains all the nice bits from the previous years Evolution Kit, the new 2014 Evolution Kit will update it to the 2014 aka ‘H’ model when it is released after March, so no need to upgrade a 2013 with a 2013 evolution kit. Remove it and ebay it.

  11. Ken DeVries says:

    I would not replace/install another evolution kit, there are flaws with regards to current draw, meaning you’ll loose a board and power supply. Sit back and watch this forum hopefully Samsung will update the consumer when there is stability. I would like to see all features highlighted in tools menu etc.meaning you can use em. There are a lot there, but to date they are not active, that seriously needs to be addressed that would require a simple firmware update so can utilize features I paid for. I check all the time and I get no updates are available. Hang in there, Samsung will make it right, we just have to patient.

  12. Peter says:

    Would love to upgrade my 2012 to 2014

  13. Ken DeVries says:

    Samsung needs to confirm the evolution kit will not draw excessive current from the power supply. Keep in mind, Samsung now characterizes the evolution kit as a plugin, meaning any damage it causes will void the warranty “their own product they market and suggest you buy, they want no part of. They did replace the power supply that was damaged by the evolution kit, they told me it was a one shot deal. The TV has been out over a year now and since plugins are not covered and any damage that occurs due to it, your wallet. It demonstrates they don’t have complete confidence in the kit. The company I purchased it from Crutchfield, they denied ever selling me the kit, this enhanced the argument 2 against, 1 being me. Fortunately I saved the receipt and after Crutchfield told me and Samsung they never sold the product to me “lie” I forward the receipt to Samsung and told them to screen their resellers, before allowing them to sell their product. Unless Samsung fully rectifies this meaning getting me this feature back and extending damages that maybe caused by this and it NOT be considered as a PLUGIN. Hopefully this will impact their support and don’t assume the consumer is lying with out looking into the facts.

  14. Arun says:

    can the new evolution kit have widi support?

  15. Mike says:

    Will it work with the un60d8000yf?

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